Makaela Peters

Career Options Rep

Hey Guys!

My name’s Makaela and I’ll be your 2L Career Options Rep serving on the LSS executive this year. I was born and raised in Abbotsford, BC, and I have five summers of working on a raspberry farm to prove it. 

Before coming to law school, I completed a degree in Global Development Studies at the University of the Fraser Valley, with minors in sociology and Latin American studies. While it wasn’t the most ~employable~ degree, it was a life-changing four years, filled with travel, research, and a messy smattering of disciplines that together shifted and expanded my worldview in ways I couldn’t have anticipated. 

 As a law student, my motivation for being your career options rep is rooted in my reason for coming to law school in the first place: I believe that a JD can open doors and introduce new opportunities for each one of us. I am so excited to work for you to see what options we can explore as we look ahead to our careers.